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Name: Industry& Mine Automation
Name used: Coal Mine Automation
Established in 1978, monthly,
Publish on 10th every month

Editor in chief: Suiyan HU
Deputy editor in chief: Hui Wang
CCTEG Changzhou Research Institute

Email:                editor@cari.com.cn
Website:            http://www.gkzdh.cn
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           Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
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Publishing in China:
Postal No. 28-162
International Publishing:
China International Book Trading Corporation (#399 MailboxBeijing)
International Price:
15$/volume, 180$/volume/year
International Code: MO2751

Standard Serial No.:
ISSN 1671-251X,CN 32-1627/TP
Advertisement Certificate No.: 320400000002404
Journal of Industry and Mine Automation, named as Coal Mine Automation before, supervised by China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp and sponsored by CCTEG Changzhou Research Institute, is a professional and technical journal in China covering updated technologies, achievements, processing techniques and developing trends in the fields of electrization, automation, informationization and intelligentization of coal mine, including devices and technologies for production safety monitoring and control, personnel monitoring and management, equipment status monitoring and control, shearer automation, roadheader automation, belt conveyor automation, hoister automation, power drive and control, communication, emergency rescue and disaster relief for coal mine, mine-used sensors and instruments, mine-used explosionproof technology, electric energy saving technology for mines, intelligent mine and technology of internet of things and so on.

Journal of Industry and Mine Automation is the journal of Specialized Committee of Coal Mine Automation of China Coal Society, Specialized Committee of Information and Automation of China Coal Industrial Technology Committee for academic exchanges, has been selected by Guide to the Core Journal of China (2011) of Beijing University library, and Statistic Source Journal of China Scientific Papers (Scientific Core Journal of China) of National Science and Technology Ministry; included by China National Knowledge Infrastructure website (CNKI); and selected by searching database and journals such as International Information Service for the Physics and Engineering Communities (INSPEC) of UK, Ulrich PD of USA, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts: Technology (CSA) of USA, Index of Copurnicus (IC) of Poland.
Achievements of Scientific Research
SUN Jiping,CHEN Huisheng
2019年45,No.10: 1-4 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
ZHANG Wenjie1,2,LIU Zongwei1,SONG Jiancheng1
2019年45,No.10: ZHANG Wenjie, LIU Zongwei, SONG Jiancheng.Off-line measurement while drilling system for mine-used slewing drilling rig[J].Industry and Mine Automation,2019,45(10):5-10. HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
WU Xinzhong1,HU Jianhao1,WEI Lianjiang2,QIAN Xiaoyu1,REN Zihui1,ZHANG Zhichao1
2019年45,No.10: 17-22 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
Academic Column of Young Experts
REN Huaiwei1,2,LI Shuaishuai1,2,LI Xie3,FU Zhuang3
2019年45,No.10: 11-16 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
LIU Songyong,ZHANG Deyi
2019年45,No.10: 23-28 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
Analysis Research
ZHENG Xuezhao1,2,YAN Xing1,2,CUI Jiaming3,GUO Jun1,2
2019年45,No.10: 29-32 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
LI Guiming1,2,ZHOU Chao3,WANG Xiaodong4
2019年45,No.10: 38-42 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
REN Mengli1,CAI Feng1,2,MEI Shengkai1
2019年45,No.10: 43-48 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
Experimental Research
TAO Dejun1,JIANG Yuanyuan1,LIU Yanbin1,XIN Yuanfang1,LUO Jun2
2019年45,No.10: 49-54 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
GAN Fubao,HUANG Yourui,HAN Tao,XU Shanyong
2019年45,No.10: 55-60 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
HU Wenbin1,WANG Yujuan1,ZHANG Chuanjin2
2019年45,No.10: 61-67 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
LONG Nengzeng1,YUAN Mei1,2,3,4,AO Xuanjun5,LI Xinling1,ZHANG Ping1
2019年45,No.10: 68-73 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
LI Wujun1,FU Yukai2,3,4,WANG Tao2,3,4,ZHANG Zhantao2,3,4
2019年45,No.10: 74-79 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
XU Qingqing,ZHAO Haifang,LI Shoujun
2019年45,No.10: 80-86 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
CONG Lin, WANG Xiaolong, YAN Bin
2019年45,No.10: 95-98 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
Experience Exchange
MENG Xiangbao1,2,WANG Junfeng1,ZHANG Yansong1,2,LIU Bo1
2019年45,No.10: 86-90 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
ZHUO Minmin1,2,ZHAO Lichang1,2,LI Jiyun1,2
2019年45,No.10: 91-94 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]
YANG Yiqing1,MA Hongwei1,2,FAN Hongwei1,2,ZHANG Xuhui1,2,ZHANG Chao1,HAN Lei3
2019年45,No.10: 104-108 HTML 0KB] [PDF 0KB]

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